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Established in 1976 

Jeffery Archery was founded in 1976 by Owen Jeffery and his son, Tom Jeffery. Although Jeffery Archery is now in its 42nd year of operation, Owen's bow making career spans seven decades. In fact, all of the advancements in the traditional craft have occurred during his tenure as a master bowyer. 

Owen began his career in 1950 when he joined Earl Hoyt of Hoyt Archery Company.  While there he became a master bowyer, designing and building the world's finest recurve bows.  During that period, the Hoyt bow won more national and world titles than all others.  


In 1966, Owen was hired by Fred Bear of Bear Archery in Grayling, Michigan to redesign their product line.  With the new product line in place, Bear became the world's largest bow manufacturer surpassing Pen Pearson.  By 1973, Owen's products were in such demand that Bear Archery supplied over 28% of all bows in the U.S.  


In 1973, Owen was hired by the Shakespeare Company to turn around their archery production.  He successfully more than doubled their production. 

In 1975 Owen left Shakespeare to form his own company.  Since 1976 Jeffery Archery has been producing high quality traditional archery equipment. Until 1990 the company produced custom grade compound bows. 

For over forty years we have continued the time-honored skills to produce the best performance and value in the traditional bow industry. Through extensive knowledge of all areas of the sport - manufacturing, hunting, archery championships and sales we created the best specialty archery facility in the state. 

In September 22, 2018 Owen Jeffery was inducted into the Archery Hall of Fame.  His display can be seen at the Archery Hall of Fame Museum located in Springfield, MO in the Bass Pro Shop.

Today, Jeffery Archery is the number one archery shop in South Carolina.  We offer the best brands and our service is the best in the business.