Jeffery Custom Archery Bows

Although Jeffery Archery is now in its 45th year of operation, our founder Owen Jeffery's bow making career spans seven decades. All of the advancements in the traditional craft have occurred during his tenure as a master bowyer.  Owen and his son Tom have continued the time-honoured skills to produce the best performance and value in the traditional bow industry. When you hold a Jeffery bow in your hand, you'll experience the feel, the sense, the balance, the challenge - almost as if it were a living thing. It's all there.

A Jeffery bow isn't manufactured. It's made. Much of it by hand, by master craftsmen, by using only the finest materials man and nature can provide.

The art of archery is still the elegant Recurve bow and classic Longbow. This is where Jeffery Archery bases its reputation, fulfils its dedication. This is the foundation of the craft and, out of it comes state of the art traditional Recurves and Longbows, brought about through the mind of an engineer and the sensitivity of an artisan.

A legend is at work here.
Hold a legend in your hand.
A Jeffery Bow.

Jeffery Archery Handcrafted Bows

The natural hardwood handles are individually hand shaped perfectly in the hand. Our craftsmen have hand-shaped the nocks and tip overlays. The tips are reinforced with phenolic. Each recurve bow has bow quiver bushings standard. Stabilizer bushings and other accessory bushings can be added.

Jeffery recurve bows can be used with or without an arrow rest. For those traditional shooters who prefer to shoot off the shelf, we have crowned the shelf and supplied a traditional rug rest and leather side plate with every bow. We do recommend using a secondary, flexible arrow rest for easier tuning and overall superior performance that an arrow rest can offer you. Extra bow limbs are available for every TD model bow.

The bow weights are all marked at an industry standard of 28 inches. You can order by labelled weight or by the weight you want at your draw length. The non-glare satin finish is standard.