Takedown Bows

The Jeffery Royal TD’s a earned a solid reputation for good looks and great performance. The Royal is available in a variety of configurations. We offer three handle lengths and four limb lengths which can are interchangeable to make bows lengths from 58 inch to 68 inch. If you want short we have short….Want long length or mid size, there will be a combination to fit your needs.

Make your own artistic statement by selecting special order custom options for your Royal Hunter bow. Each custom bow is individually  crafted, with each custom part distinctive in colors, wood grain, or accent stripes. Each custom bow may well be unique.

Custom takedown handles feature a choice of woods: Zebrawood, Bubinga, and actionwood colors - Mt.Camo or Brown. Choose your handle and your handle will be hand selected and laminated with eye catching accent stripes. Then each handle is hand sculptured to artisan standards. Your bow can be personalized with custom inscriptions.  Or choose a one piece standard color. 


Bow limbs are available in your choice of clear glass or black glass. Since you can mix and match to your taste, you can build your bow as a full custom bow with a beautiful custom handle and clear glass limbs; semi custom with standard handle and clear glass; or if you want all function and fewer frills opt for black glass on the standard handle.

Custom clear glass limbs show off " their natural hardwood grain. The beauty of each limb is unique and a treat to the eye.

Here is a listing of the lengths available: 
58 inch #2 limbs with "A" handle
60 inch #3 limbs with "A" handle
62 inch #4 limbs with "A" handle

60 inch #2 limbs with "B" handle
62 inch #3 limbs with "B" handle
64 inch #4 limbs with "B" handle


The “A" handle Royal Hunter can make one the smoothest short bows that you will ever draw. The 58” version draws smoothly to 28.5".  If you are looking for a short bow for stalking and those tight shots, the 58" Royal Hunter could be your answer. If you are looking for longer working limbs and minimizing physical weight, consider 60” to 62” versions. Or perhaps you have different jobs for your bow. You can buy two sets of limbs – short for hunting to maximize maneuverability and long for the smoothest draw and stability for better target shooting.


The “B” handle Royal Hunter is available in 60”, 62" and 64" lengths. The 62" Royal Hunter is our most popular model bow. The long smooth drawing limbs, stability and superior performance are ideal for most contemporary traditional bowmen. Some will enjoy the longer sight window. If you have a longer draw length over 29”, the “B” handle will probably be your best choice. For bowmen with very long draw lengths or those who simply prefer a longer bow, consider the #4 limbs to make a 64" bow.