Servicing archery products is the true test of a professional archery shop.  Jeffery Archery has factory trained and experienced bow technicians that can solve almost any problem you may have.  No one offers better service than Jeffery Archery.

We can tune your bow, including paper tuning.

We install bowstrings and cables on archery bows and crossbows.

You can expect expert installation of accessories.

We can select the perfect arrow for your particular bow and shooting style.
If you are new to archery, our professional staff can help you select the perfect outfit from entry level to high performance bows.

We have the largest selection available in Columbia.  And if we don’t have your bow on hand, we can special order most products for you.
We are knowledgeable on all types of bows : recurves, longbows, compound bows, and crossbows.  We can work on all of them.  We can do service work on most any brand and age bow, so bring them to Jeffery Archery.  If it can be done, we can do it.


We have USArchery certified instructors on staff to help you learn to shoot correctly and accurately.




When you purchase your equipment from Jeffery Archery, we will set it up right.  And we’re not through then.  We will take you into our 12 lane indoor range and show you how to use your new bow.  When you leave here, you will feel confident with your new bow.  And you will know that success in your hand.